Friday, May 15, 2009

Mid May







May brings many celebrations! Spring's in full bloom in upstate New York and the air is filled with birdsong and the heady scent of lilacs balanced by the delicate fragrance of pale pink apple blossoms. The lilacs overwhelm the senses from any distance, whereas the apple blossoms invite you closer to detect their faint, pure scent, nose directly in blossom. (Watch out for bees!) Lilacs remind me of older ladies who trail an overpowering scent in their wake, and apple blossoms are like newborn babies whose powdered scent is barely noticeable until you nuzzle close to kiss their soft spot on the tops of their heads.

May is our family's birthday month (father, daughter, longtime friend, brother,oldest son) and also Mother's Day. It seems like we are celebrating everyday! This year, I'll be adding a cousin's wedding to continue the celebrations until month's end.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

R's animation project

We enjoyed seeing an end-of-semester, end-of-year art show  yesterday. It's nice to continue to be inspired by the work of others, and it's especially gratifying when that inspiration comes from younger people!  We saw hallways filled with student drawings and paintings, cardboard chairs that really held us, uniquely constructed instruments that made sounds, historical Hudson River floating constructions (R's group reconstructed the jet that landed in the river out of soda can  sheet metal rectangles- it floated!) and many, many more projects.It was fun seeing R's friends, too.

This is a link to my daughter's recent college animation project titled, "From Where She Stood". It seems like she has done more drawings to complete this project in the span of one semester than I've done in over thirty years of drawing;  we are all proud of her creativity and long hours of work. Keep it up!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Flowers

Wake Robin Trillium (I think)

Trailing Arbutus


Daffodils and Tulip along stone wall

Pink Hyacinth

Daffodil Audrey gave me Last Fall, a nice surprise, since I forgot it!

Shad Blossoms and Moon (looks very oriental to me)

Crabapple blossoms (I really like this photo!)