Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recent pictures

It's been a busy Summer, despite the rain. D's getting some household projects done, like replacing the water tank and corroded pipes in our cellar, J's been busy with baseball practice and games, and I've been printing my calendar and cards when time allows and enjoying flowers in my own garden and others.

Recently, we took a day trip to Fort Ticonderoga at the top of Lake George. I really enjoyed the neighboring King's Garden. It felt like we were in France. The reason my garden doesn't look like that garden is that they employ 5 full time, four part time and many volunteer gardeners!



These wheels caught my eye as we drove past on the way to Lake George.



This garden transports me to France!





New recruits at the Fort.









Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2010 Train Calendar!

I finally printed a trial run of my 2010 train calendar, and I think it looks good! I won a book from Lisa, a Flickr friend and blogger, who had a random drawing from her commenters. The first person selected declined the book, so I was lucky. When it arrives, I'll send her a calendar as a thank you!

It's Summer. and we've been busy with family, baseball practices, day trips, etc. Last week, we went to Fort Ticonderoga at the top of Lake George, and the neighboring King's Garden, which I really enjoyed.We played Miniature golf in Lake George and spent the night in a cottage.The next day, we hiked up Blue Mountain a ways. Actually, J nimbly scrambled ahead of us as we picked our way through the mud and rocks, lagging behind a good twenty paces.

Yesterday, we drove to Ithaca in order to watch the All Star game on a real TV in a hotel. Most everyone else had booked rooms in nearby hotels for college orientation visits.We also visited the Ithaca Bakery for lunch and breakfast, and visited a couple bookstores.

Our infrastructure is being repaired, little by little. D replaced a corroded pipe that lead into our washing machine- no more laundromat trips! He also replaced our water tank and more corroded pipes in the cellar, no more stuttering on/off of the water pump. I even negotiated a deal for a new satellite radio complete with car attached. I think I'll like my Hyundai Elantra!

Off to another baseball game.