Saturday, June 20, 2009

Creative Options

It's a rainy morning. Last week my car died when my husband and I went to Oneonta on a dessert date. The engine seized up after losing antifreeze and clattered to a grinding halt, spewing oily smoke. Luckily my kids had D's car and were less than a mile down the road at a drive-in theater, and the first movie "Up" had been seen. They got us at 11 PM. My son drove me back to my car the next day so I could get my junk out. We eventually had it towed to a salvage garage and I received $75 for it. I miss my wheels.



However, the forced time at home has given me the opportunity to draw more. I've almost completed my train drawings for my 2010 calendar. I've also almost done making two small quilts for graduating seniors this year. I have to stop blogging and go tie Logan's quilt- the party is this afternoon!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poppies and a few photos from recent trip to TX

A profusion of poppies populated the back garden patch, a welcome sight.


I enjoyed seeing gorgeous cloudscapes on my flight to and from Texas last week.


I loved visiting my niece in Austin for a day and a half.




Ranger is my niece's BIG 130-pound Newfoundland dog. When we walked down the hip SoCo area of Austin (South Congress Avenue) everyone commented, "Wow! What a BIG dog! What kind is it? How much does it weigh? What's it eat?" My niece should get a preprinted T-shirt with answers to the most often asked questions.


I also attended the wedding of my cousin's son and made these table runners as gifts for the newlyweds. The marriage was held at the beautiful Highland Park Methodist Church in Dallas. It was indeed wonderful to see so many cousins and their childrens' children!