Saturday, February 26, 2011

Under the Wire

February's almost over, but thanks to Winter's relentless snow and a lingering cold, I'll manage to post a blog for this month. Dad continues to sift through letters, photos, and recently gave me this jubilant one of him and Mom after they received the news he wouldn't be shipped overseas, even though his bags were already on a ship to Italy.

Mom and Dad,WW11

We went down to Warren Center, PA, in Mid February to celebrate my cousins', Sherry and John's, fiftieth anniversary. Dad and Sherry's mom, May, were the eldest ones there. Many people came over to pay their regards. Sherry presented a crocheted throw she made from scrap yarn to Dad (shown here) which he will use in his napping chair. In turn, I gave Sherry and John a small lap quilt made from scraps leftover from other quilting projects, interspersed with plain muslin squares. It's neat we had similar gifts in mind! It was a lovely party, lots of good food and folks, in a lovely setting.





I've been working on a commissioned cabin drawing to combat cabin fever- almost done. Ready for Spring!


Whenever money allows or we feel like getting away from the usual routine, chances are we can be found enjoying the atmosphere of Autumn Cafe in Oneonta, NY.


But more often than not, you'll find us at the local Afton diner, Henry's, which is a great place to meet and greet and eat. Pictured here are Dad and I at home at Henrys.


Here's a picture of a baby quilt I sent to Oregon to celebrate the recent birth of a cousin's newest grandchild.


And here's a baby quilt that I made for baby Josepine in Washington state, the newest grandbaby of our friends, Elaine and Jim.



It's funny how things often fall into place as if planned (I think it's called serendipity)- my friend, Marilyn, gifted me with the perfect fabric for backing Josephine's quilt, just in time for me to use it! She didn't even know I was making a baby quilt or what colors I needed!

I guess I've been doing a lot of sewing lately. My machine purrs smoothly after being oiled, too! It was literally gasping and grinding before I thought to try oiling it! Results are easier on our ears and less broken thread!