Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Current Drawing

Just put down my pen on the current water-themed drawing I'm working on. I won't say "finished" because often an illustration is never "done" but one has to decide when to pause for awhile... This is a photo I drew from and another one of my "start" -
And here's what I've done so far-(I've added geese to help offset the heavy detail on the left side, should probably add a sapling or overhanging branch to the right side, too, but don't want to clutter it excessively or make it perfectly balanced)
CV Park Lake

Monday, April 12, 2010

Springtime Sensations!

Spring's arrival is a delight as always and one's senses shift into over drive. So much to notice, do, smell, feel!. The daffodils blooming shout to me that Winter is OVER! The daily changes outside are hard to keep up with, but so very welcome.After the first few days of noticing incremental growth, suddenly the whole landscape changes overnight from hints of misty pink and pale green buds to a well defined cloak of green and russet leaves and scattered blooms of yellow, blue, pink, red and white flowers. We had a good taste of Summer, too, when temperatures reached the eighties last week, but now they are moderating into a more normal Springtime range.

We've been busy celebrating the promise of Spring during Easter gatherings with family and decorating eggs, visiting my Mom in the hospital and nursing home, lunching with friends, visiting Sapsucker Woods, a fantastic bird sanctuary, in Ithaca, NY, and several waterfalls there, too.


I continue to plug away on my drawings toward next years calendar, as well as keep food on the table and clothes washed for my family. Sometimes I even vacuum! I've submitted my Summer illustration assignment to Pat Stone, editor of GreenPrints, a gardening quarterly. Today the Masonville General Store requested more cards, so will have to print and package more this week.

It's been a real pleasure to play in the yard, raking, weeding, planting and pulling grass and feeling the dirt through my fingers once again. My radishes, lettuce, and peas are starting to poke up through the soil (and, knock on wood! the bunnies haven't discovered them yet)!