Monday, June 18, 2012

Perfect day for baseball in Walton, NY

GEDC7638 by Farmhouse Greetings
GEDC7638, a photo by Farmhouse Greetings on Flickr.

Last Friday we went to the first of many summer league baseball games. This one started at 6PM and ended at dusk. I was happy that we got to Walton early so I could check out a new fabric store. ( Yes, of course I added a few fat quarters to my stash)! The weather may be a factor in tonight's game...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lake trail

GEDC7483 by Farmhouse Greetings
GEDC7483, a photo by Farmhouse Greetings on Flickr.

Yesterday, I walked the Lily Lake trail counter clockwise. It felt like a whole new trail, like a bit of time traveling. It's good now and then to change your routine to jostle your expectations and see familiar things from a new perspective.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Lily, lovely lady of the lake

Lilies galore

Lilies galore by Farmhouse Greetings
Lilies galore, a photo by Farmhouse Greetings on Flickr.

The lilies fill the surface of Lily Lake and look like green static on a sixties' TV screen.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lily in bloom on Lily Lake

Last week I walked around Lily Lake again. The seasonal changes are happening at warp speed now. The incremental changes noticed during Winter walks are eclipsed by gargantuan changes within a week's span. Last week's humid temperatures created junglelike growth. The path is narrowing with abundant foliage! The pinxter blooms have fallen away, the bullfrogs' sound is deafening (except when you pass by their particular spot), reeds are greening and growing out of last year's dried fronds and lily pads choke the lake's surface, dotted with occasional blooms, any one of which looks like a beautiful Japanese flower painting. Dragonflies flit along the path, chipmunks chur and dash about, and new ducklings are guided to safe havens by protective mother ducks.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Grand view

GEDC7372 by Farmhouse Greetings
GEDC7372, a photo by Farmhouse Greetings on Flickr.

Magnificent clouds

GEDC7365 by Farmhouse Greetings
GEDC7365, a photo by Farmhouse Greetings on Flickr.

About a week ago, as we were watching a baseball game, I couldn't help but notice these gorgeous clouds!