Saturday, April 19, 2008

Seems like Summer!

Last week, Spring flowers popped up overnight and it was easy to notice each new bud and flower, much like the day to day changes parents note in their newborn children. Now we're having summer-like temperatures in the 80s and the flowers stampeded into full bloom and it's all I can do to turn around, catch my breath and admire the cascade of colors. If I could change the world in some small way, I'd give everyone I met a handful of daffodils and say," Here. Enjoy!"Seeing a dafffodil in bloom is like seeing a genuine smile.  

Near driveway


Fence of Flowers

Bus stop flowers

Happy hellos

Smile for the camera

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me and my camera said...

These are all so lovely but I think my favourite photo would be the one of the Dafffodil parade!