Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot weekend

Yesterday, I noticed a Scarlet Tanager cooling off in the creek. I haven't seen one often but it's very a very distinctive bird with a brilliant red body and black wings.Later in the afternoon my daughter and a couple of her friends were cooling off in the same creek, which gave the mosquitoes welcome variety in their diet. I laid low this weekend, trying to shake the remnants of a cold so finished reading Clear Springs by Bobbie Ann Mason.Today, we noticed Sunday traffic slowing in front of our house where the creek runs under the Route 7. Much to my husband's joy, a crusty, old snapping turtle was crossing the busy road. D loves turtles and will make a U-turn every time he sees one on the road. Maybe he should have a bumper sticker that reads, "I brake for turtles".Anyway he and J grabbed a long walking staff and herded the turtle toward the other side. It may be looking for a place to lay eggs- I think this is the time of year they dig a hole to deposit eggs.

Phlox along the creek

Pa's potato patch

Backyard garden

Phlox and Iris

I love lupine!

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