Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flowers,Rainbows and Honoring Loved Ones


The windowboxes are still giving us pleasure as September gives way to October. I didn't have very showy boxes this year, but still enjoyed them anyway, even the stray tomato plants that grew from the compost soil.


Participated in Rec Park's annual Lung Cancer Awareness Walk/Run (helped make the pink T-shirts to honor the memory of a recent lung cancer victim, Wendy Howie, the daughter of my line dancing friend, Dot).


I've actually finished this drawing, since this photo was taken. I gave a copy to my folks, and it's already hanging near their front door. Eventually, I'll tint it. This picture is the way I like to remember my oldest brother, Jack, who died in 1989.


We went to Norwich after school yesterday and watched a rainbow grace the sky nearly all the way home. At times, saw portions of a double rainbow. Stopped to marvel at the complete arch as we neared Afton. It's always magical and memorable!


Mom and Dad came up today and we had a tea party next to the woodstove with freshly made brownies, Afterwards, i trimmed Mom's hair, an added service that many diners don't offer!


A few weeks ago went the wedding of a friend's daughter and just completed this small log cabin quilt for her (appropriate since her new last name is Plank). I always know a quilt is a success when someone in my family would like to keep it (in this case,my youngest son, and okay! okay! I confess- I'd like to keep it, too).

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Shutterbug8162 said...

beautiful images as always. that is a great quilt, I don't know how you manage to give them away. I would want to keep them all!