Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quilts and Quotes

Went to a nice quilt show in Oxford with three friends on Monday. We enjoyed seeing all the creations, and had a fine lunch, too! I really liked this quilt of golden autumn leaves someone made for their college bound son!

Yesterday had my first oil change for my Elantra. The dealership also quoted me a price of $340 to replace my shattered rear view mirror, which I accidentally broke two weeks ago on a tree in my own driveway (which I've successfully navigated around for thirty years, but crunched in my haste to provide the local convenience store with $5 of needed nickels. Don't worry, the tree is fine!). I really just wanted the glass replaced and not the whole unit, but evidently big business is out to make as much profit as possible and operates under the motto, "Replace, not fix". Of course, these days power-adjustable rear view mirrors aren't simply bolted on with three screws... to make a long story short, I decided to see if I could find a mirror at an auto store to superglue over the old one.
Imagine my delight when I passed a family-owned plate glass business as I was wending my way through town from one side of the river to the other and saw two homemade signs out front that advertised, "We repair rear view mirrors!" Saleeby and Son- what a great place! They made a pattern on cardboard, traced it onto a thick, copper-backed mirror, deftly cut it out by scribing the glass and knocking away the excess, ground down the sharp edges, applied adhesive and attached it to my car! All this, plus lively chatter in a genuine workshop environment, with every inch covered with tools, old calendars, frames, etc. for a modest $30.24- 10% of what the dealership asked for, plus I got to watch and be amazed by real craftsmanship.(They have been in business since 1923). I'm tempted to smash the passenger side mirror so I can go back again!(Just kidding).

Tonight I finished making an Autumn-inspired quilt to spruce up the bed upstairs, since my Alaskan cousins may be visiting next week. That's more fun than dusting cobwebs and changing sheets, what I really should be doing!


Shutterbug8162 said...

Your quilt came out beautiful, I am sure your guests will love it. Great thinking on having the local shop fix the mirror.

Rachel DeVona said...

Oh I actually really like that quilt ma! It looks cozy and autumnal! Hmmm I REALLY like it...hint hint.
Well, I will see you Sunday morning, maybe even Saturday night. We'll see.