Saturday, July 24, 2010

Look up! Look up!

Occasionally, after supper, we head into Vestal, about thirty miles away, to go shopping or browsing or in my case, sky-watching! We see a very narrow slice of sky from our front porch due to our valley location and the leafy trees. Last night, I felt like running into Pier One and shouting, "Hurry! Come! Look at the sunset!" It seems that the skies over the expansive parking lots are always stunning. As we drove home, the clouds were awesome, no matter what direction I looked!




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Lisa Ceaser said...

Gorgeous. There's just something about the sky on muggy summer evenings. We had a few storms this weekend that produced the kind of in cloud lightning that makes for great entertainment. I tried for pictures, but couldn't get the timing right. Maybe next time. Enjoy your week!