Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nurturing Kindness

I illustrate for GreenPrints, a gardening quarterly. Most of my illustrations for the physical copies are detailed pen-and-ink renderings, but I also do colored illustrations for the free eletter that GreenPrints publishes between the tangible magazines. I play around with color on these illustrations. here is a preview of one of my illustrations for the article, "Nurturing Kindness" slated for the October eletter.


Becky said...

What a beautiful little blue eyed girl! The flowers are nice too. It must be fun to work on something different like that.

DeVona said...

Thanks, Becky! The eletter allows me to play around with color and be a little looser, things I'm still learning a lot about! I could not believe all the tomato clusters you had on just one plant- wonderful! I hope the coyote pups don't discover them!

Lisa said...

Gorgeous! Reminds me of my Megan in a few years! Of course, she'd be "picking" the pretty flowers, as she has at Grammie's a few times this summer before we could stop her!