Friday, March 29, 2013

Girl Holding Rooster

Easter Greetings!  Recently finished another 2014 calendar illustration based on a photo I took several years ago at the Delaware County Fair in Walton, NY. This plucky little girl was holding her prized rooster and as we walked by, I asked if I could take her picture. She agreed. As I was looking through my 1000s of pictures lately, this image leaped out and begged to be drawn.  I imagine the model is a teenager by now...I wonder if she still enjoys her poultry pals.


Rachel DeVona said...

Cute girl/drawing!

Friendly criticism, if you're inclined, perhaps you could rework the sleeves/hands a bit. Her extra long sleeves almost resemble a cast.
Or just give the sleeves a pattern or fitted cuffs.

DeVona said...

Thanks, Rach! I may also darken in the chair bottom to the right as you look at her because the dark top is a little overpowering for me. Part of her winsome charm was her stretched out sleeves pulled down over her hands...I will consider doing something about them, or not :-)

Rachel DeVona said...

I do like the length, that's why making a cuff might distinguish it. Like the bottom of a thermal shirt type of cuff.
And happy Easter weekend! We still have to go buy some Paas and eggs! We only have 4 left in the carton!