Saturday, February 23, 2008

Spring (Issue) Arriving in the Mail Soon!

B called yesterday to let me know she received her Spring issue of GreenPrints in the mail. When she calls, I always know to look for my complimentary copies in a few weeks. (Subscribers get their issues first, then later, the writers and illustrators get their copies as a courtesy from Pat Stone, the editor). I illustrated two articles in this issue- one on the weirdness of water molecules and the other about sugi trees.  I've illustrated articles by both writers before and I like their styles- their attention to detail prompts me to put a little extra effort into researching reference material to use when creating drawings. I basically jot down the key words from their stories, then decide what points to illustrate. I surround myself with lots of images for inspiration, lightly pencil in the composition once I figure it out, then ink it  with a .01 Staedtler technical pen  and submit it via computer to North Carolina where Pat lives.  He'll  reply with suggestions for improvement or a thumbs up, and all is well until the next assignment arrives via email.  I'm grateful to B for showing me sample copies of  GreenPrints years ago and encouraging me to send them artwork. I've found my niche. B recently started a garden blog (Plants and Stones) and encouraged me once again to create a blog, too. Thanks, B!  

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