Saturday, July 12, 2008

Callas and others

These calla lilies are from my Mom and Dad who each year dig them out of their garden beds, let them dry on the garage floor, treat them with some sort of powder against bugs (maybe they do that in the Spring) store in the basement of their home and replant each spring.They originally got a few bulbs decades ago, probably from Mom's Aunt Daisy and they've nurtured them these many years and tenderly care for what seems like a bushel of them now as they multiply. Each year they give me a few; I forgot where I planted them until yesterday, when I spotted them adding a touch of grace to an overlooked garden patch.



Calla closer


We are vying with the birds for ripening blueberries. Sometimes they miss the bluest ones hidden beneath a cluster of leaves, mmmm....taste of summer!

Blueberry cluster


Blueberry Cafe

The bee balm is in full bloom and the hummingbirds enjoying the Bergamot Diner! These blooms resemble critters from Dr. Seuss picture books, or at least their wild hairdos. I like to rub a leaf between my fingers- very pungent! Another name for this plant is Oswego Tea; I think Earl Grey tea has bergamot in it.

Bergamot-Bee balm-Oswego Tea

Hummingbird treat

Hummingbird diner

Daylilies are blooming. These double ones are another gift from my Mom's garden that made themselves at home in mine.

Double daylily

Sunflower buds are tightly furled, waiting to bloom after a few more days of sun and rains. Yesterday, I printed up a run of fifteen 2009 calendars, which includes, you guessed it, a page devoted to sunflowers.

Sunflower bud

Sunflower bud

Calendar production

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