Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Month, New Camera, New Photos

We're on the other side of graduation except for a few more parties to attend to honor the new grads. R's graduated now, and her new life began with a post graduation bonfire with friends. My Mom and Dad attended the evening graduation ceremony. Mom graduated from the same school in 1935. As my oldest son and I escorted her through the throngs of people afterwards, J leading the way, and I guiding from behind with my hands on her shoulders, we couldn't help but feel like secret service escorts. My camera quit working just as R entered the gym to Pomp and Circumstance, but I have clear memories of the occasion. Our principal did a great job presenting the numerous awards in a clear, unhurried voice.R's party the next day went well, but I forgot to put a lot of the preprepared food out like melon, and additional meatballs; it's too late to invite everyone back for more! Punk's barbecued chicken tasted great- as soon as I post a few photos, think I'll thaw some leftovers to enjoy! Summer flowers continue to put on a great show! The black-eyed susans exploded into bloom all at once! They are a sure sign of high summer!

I love these flowers!

Lily profile



Potato blossoms

Flower carpet


Rose blossom

Gazania- Blanket flower

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me ann my camera said...

Your post brings back so many memories! My husband, as part of the high school administration, was always the MC for the grad ceremony and each year it was an exciting time full of best wishes for that particular year's graduates. Congratulations to your daughter, and also to your family as as whole, for this is always a very special family milestone for all.