Friday, September 19, 2008

Lovely September

The days smell different from Summer, especially as we step off the porch to catch the bus. A whiff of woodsmoke, damp morning fog and falling leaves all combine to make a distinct September smell. I finally sent a baby quilt off to Oregon to my cousin's first grandchild, born three months ago. I'll also enter a couple quilts in the Major's Inn Show in Gilbertsville on display the first weekend in October. It's a lovely excuse for a day trip.

Quilt for Mom

Finally finished

#1 Jazz fan

Ferocious kitty


me ann my camera said...

I am intrigued by the family photo quilt. How wonderful it looks to be!

DeVona said...

Thanks! I made this two years ago, prior to my Mom's 90th birthday, and I worked feverishly trying to complete it before her November birthday.Originally, I was going to incorporate special photos from her life, but realized it was too hard to choose the "best" ones, so just tried to get a nice mix of various images representing bits and pieces of the fabric of her life. I used photo transfer paper, a scanner and printer to transfer the REVERSED copies of photos onto the transfer paper. Then I ironed them onto muslin, and pieced them together. Her favorite color is blue. The quilt shows her grandma, Rachel Ann Bevier, in the upper left corner, her parents, pictures from her childhood, wedding/war years, my Dad and three older brothers, a page from a school yearbook to show she taught business courses, cards- to show her love of bridge,an airline luggage ID tag to show her love of travel, and her five grandchildren, etc. I was hoping she would appreciate the visual jog of memories, since my two oldest brothers died in '69 and'89 and I wasn't sure if the memories would be too painful. However, she seemed delighted to receive it to celebrate her speical day, but put it away in her closet for safekeeping since it was too "nice" for the bed.It was new to her again when I finally got it our earlier this Summer to tie it together with silver, blue, pink, white, and gold-colored buttons. I'm going to display it in a local quilt show in early October, then my Dad and I will hang it on their living room wall. (Sorry, this reply was so long!)