Thursday, October 2, 2008


October already! I've been remiss posting lately so will try to post more this month even if only to post some seasonal photos etc.

I just started an etsy shop (I'm farmhouseartist and my shop name is Farmhouse Greetings- I used to have a nice website my oldest son made for me under the same name, but I let the domain expire and some strange place bought my name and if I want it back, would have to pay nearly two thousand dollars! So, little by little, I'm getting my business name out there in a roundabout way!) So far, I've listed a tote bag and my new calendar.

My daughter sure enjoys college life, and her dizzying social life makes us all feel like turtles in comparison. Last week she sliced off the tip of her thumb while working on an art project and called us from the emergency room. Luckily, a good friend went with her, and she survived the mishap and will have a great story to relate to her kids someday when they point out her scars and ask for the story behind each one. She was home for a few days this weekend, and it amazes me how she can be writing an English paper, texting friends, listening to music, snacking and more all at the same time. I admire her youthful energy but would not want to be that young again, no thank you!

I know, I used to quiz my Dad all the time on his various scars.. A car fell on him that left a nick in his knee, and his upper lip was sliced open by a potato masher mishap, perhaps one of the reasons he was nicknamed Al (Capone, aka Scarface) by his big band of brothers? Dad was the middle child (#6) in a family of eleven children- two girls and a baseball team of boys (9). It was hard enough matching my uncles to their names, but to compound matters, they all had one or two nicknames, too. Francis, the oldest was Fran, Raymond was Sport, Clarice, who assumed the role of the family matriarch, never had a nickname to my knowledge, Robert was Bob or Hub, because he was a Gene Autry wannabe, Edward,or Ed, was Moose, my dad, Lawrence, Larry, became Al,(I'd always do a little double take at reunions looking around when I heard people call "Hey, Uncle Al!" and realize they were calling for my dad), Howard was Jake, Ralph was Marsh, Carlton was Cart or Abe after Honest Abe, Manville was Pee Wee and was known affectionately as such his whole life even though he towered over my Dad, and Edna Ruth was Ruth but always called John or Johnny by all her brothers and Aunt John by the rest of us.My Dad and Aunt John are currently the only ones living out of that great batch of Cooks.

The sugar maple leaves cast a golden glow around our home and are carpeting the ground.We have yet to have a frost, but it's cool enough to keep a fire in the wood stove. Enjoy Autumn!


R enjoying falling leaves in her newly purchased hat.

wood duck tote

Farmhouse Greetings 2009 Calendar

This is the wood duck tote I listed on etsy, followed by my new calendar.

Earlier this week I dropped off two of my quilts for the Major's Inn Quilt Show in Gilbertsville this weekend. It's a fantastic building, like a big German castle. I took the picture quilt I made for my mom's 90th birthday, and "Childhood Joys" my 16th calendar quilt in a series of 20 that I'm working on.




Enjoyed a good bluegrass show by Dyer Switch at the Bainbridrge Town Hall Opry last Saturday night.


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