Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Recent Quilts

Yesterday, I finally sent baby quilts off to twin Scottish boys born before Christmas. I finished this watercolor one earlier this week. It has lots of blues and greens, colors which I'm partial to- maybe I'm trying to influence the color preferences of wee Cormac or Lorcan?


The quilt displayed by Ray (below) was made in a hurry when we found out a regular customer at Henry's Diner had cancer. The lighter squares represent the diner's tables and we had patrons sign them. The long strips between the tables represent the rug or aisles. The quilt was given to Sheila Brown (even before the quilting was completed) and we heard that she put it right on her bed. Within days, she died, and the quilt was passed on to Margaret, the lady she always sat with at the diner. Hopefully, Sheila left this world, knowing that she had a family of friends at the diner, people who cared about her. Her daily presence will be missed.We miss your colorful hats and your running commentary and your daily witty exchanges with our favorite waitress.



star8278 said...

They are both beautiful. I don't know where you find the time!!! Very impressive.

Have a beautiful day!

Sarah said...

Cormac and Lorcan love the quilts!!! Thank you so much for your care and love in sending them over for the boys. A long overdue thank you is going in the post shortly, and I'll write more there, but I just found your blog and thought this would be the quickest way to get in touch and let you know they arrived and were so appreciated. Thank you!!! Sarah and Eamonn