Monday, March 9, 2009

Show time

My Saturday reception went well! A nice mix of friends, quilters, line dancers, gardeners, family and even a few strangers showed up to see what I've been quietly doing for the last twenty years. The cookies and punch are gone, but the show remains in the community room of the Sidney Library through the end of March. The most commonly asked question at the show was, "What will you do with them next?" and the answer is, "Fold them up, and store them in trash bags in my sewing room." (Unless I get ambitious and try to show them at an Art walk venue in Binghamton later this summer, or unless the loft gallery at the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown is interested... but that's more work).





I even found out who sent the beautiful mystery flowers- thank you, Janet W!


Star8278 said...

Looks like a great success.

Could you enter them in a county fair? or hang them in a nursing home, hospital to brighten the hallways for awhile? There's got to be someplace besides a garbage bag they can do more good.

Too much work, and too much talent to be tossed away. Just saying!!!

DeVona said...

Hi, Lisa-
I like your nursing home idea (or hospital)-Thanks!