Friday, January 15, 2010

January's Greetings

New Year's greetings to all! I hope everyone's year contains bountiful blessings! We've experienced cold temperatures recently, great for skating on the river, which my youngest took advantage of while the ice was clear of snow. My kids also enjoyed their Christmas quilts, and we've finally got them tied and back on their beds.Our computer/piano/dining area looks huge without the Christmas tree dominating most of the room!




We attended a family party at Charles Decker's home, where my Grandma was born (as well as Charlie).

My Mom suffered a mild heart attack recently, although we didn't know it until she'd been hospitalized for a series of falls. She's in rehabilitation at a nursing home now and receiving excellent care, but the transition's been hard for all of us to adjust to, especially my father, who talks of when she returns home. Right now, we are truly abiding by the motto, "One day at a time".
I celebrated my birthday with friends and family.

Last Friday, I had a one night art show at the JAC gallery, sharing the night with one of my all-time favorite bands, The Susquehanna String Band, who put on an excellent performance in the Town Hall Theater. I was able to squeeze all twenty of my calendar quilts into the gallery! Each quilt represented one calendar year, containing a dozen of my Farmhouse greetings' illustrations per wallhanging.My best friend, Raurie, surprised me by showing up!



Stay warm!

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