Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January's Rushing Past

January's rushing past as fast as the swollen creek after Monday's heavy rains! I'm considering using this top picture for reference for one of my water illustrations for my 2011 calendar. Finally finished one of J skating on the river, in a month or two, may go back and add some finishing touches, like scruff marks from skates.
J,D and I took a walk a little ways up the creek beyond our home yesterday, and I was reminded how lovely it is. The sound of water erases any nagging thoughts filling one's mind. I should try and make an effort to take a little time out now and then to go sit by the creek! Now is a great time of year because it's not buggy or muggy!
Last week, my Dad, brother and I attended an evaluation of my Mom's progress in a nursing home facility. She's receiving excellent care, but it's so hard to realize that she may not become strong enough to return home any time soon. It's especially hard on my Dad, who visits her faithfully, everyday. The hardest part is dealing with her repeated pleas and demands for a ride home. I plan on visiting her today. I've boxed up some portions of soup and spaghetti to drop off at Dad's place, too.
We took R back to New Paltz on Saturday. On our return trip, we stopped briefly to sample the mountain air overlooking the town. Invigorating! D and J are toying with the idea of rock climbing someday! Not me! I like standing on solid ground!
Hung twenty of my calendar Quilts at General Hospital last week, too, but had to take down seven, due to fire regulations (Only one quilt allowed per panel) They are on exhibit through the end of February. Then they will be folded and stashed away in my sewing room, until another gust of gumption sweeps over me to get them on display somewhere!
I always liked this scene. Mom took this photo of one of our kittens near a porch step, teapot filled with hens and chicks. To complete the image, I just added the butterfly.

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Becky said...

I'm so glad your quilts are on display again! The Clark Gym in Cooperstown has a climbing wall. You could check it out. I took Amy there once. For a fast January thaw, this year was pretty good, not much flooding.