Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My 2011 Calendar - Ready to print!

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Today, I printed my first sample batch of my 2011 Water-themed Farmhouse Greetings' calendar! Next step- give one to Warren at line dancing to proof it for mistakes!

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me ann my camera said...

sounds like you've been so busy. I have never heard of yellow flag but dud see some yellow Iris in bloom yesterday. We have an Iris in bloom in our garden now and the ditches along the roadsides are filling with Blue Flag interspersed among the Lupines growing there.Its so nice whenn all your children get together. Thst will hsppen for us in sugust when wll our three with our 5 grsndchildren sre home. Snapping Turtles are starting to llay their eggs now around our community. I keep my camera handy and wait for the telephone to ring. A neighbour keeps track of where they all are all calls those interested in watching the turtles lay their eggs. Another rainy day, have a great weekend with your family.