Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fresh Off the Drawing Board!

Today I had planned to visit Mom and Dad, but a dull, nagging headache kept me at home. I played a little Words Free (a virtual Scrabble-type game), made moussaka for the first time, baked apples and made dinner, etc., and FINALLY signed my name to a drawing I've been working on forever, it seems!

(Please don't ask how long it took- I honestly don't know since I don't keep track. It'd kill the joy of drawing, if I marked down time spent with pen in hand. I do know, if I charged for my time, no one could afford my artwork, even if I charged minimum wage!)

Anyway,Jan, a friend from the diner next door, (my country club), has been documenting covered bridges as she and her friend travel around the region, on a quest to visit as many of these man made wonders as possible. They are becoming quite knowledgeable about them and have travelled extensively in NY, PA, WV, and some New England states.She provides me with a wealth of reference photos and I'll give her prints and calendars in return. So far, I've completed three drawings that will probably be in my covered bridge calendar for 2012. So keep posted, and I'll show you previews from time to time!


suzanne cabrera said...

Oh...I have days where I am so addicted to Words with Friends...definitely can postpone finishing a drawing!

Hope you're feeling better!

me ann my camera said...

How nice to find your many posts here today since i have visited last. I love covered bridges. The architectural style of the brides in your area is a little different from the ones in our area. We don't have the open isdes on many of ours. Please feel free to use any of my pictures on my covered bridge site as models or if you wish I could send you pictures of any of mine. A covered bridge is a such a wonderful old space. We have 4 within easy drivings distance of us. Within about 20 minutes I could visit any of them.Hopefully your Dad is responding well to his treatment. I have been quilt making receantly and this week we willbe making a trip to Maine to buy some fabric there for the sashing of a newly completed quilt. I love your autumn pictures,; leaves, reflections, pumpkins, etc. Isn't it a wonderful season!
All the best to you and your family, Ann