Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Beginnings

Its a New Year already! My Mom died December 14th. What can I say? She will be with me always. I realize it's impossible to write a sufficient eulogy that encompasses all she did and meant for me and others as well. Some remembrances are best to keep close to my heart, others, I'll gladly share. Earlier today, I was thinking about her weekly ritual of ironing in the kitchen on Saturday or Sunday afternoons with the radio on in the background. I'll be grateful for each memory as it bubbles to the surface, sometimes unexpectedly, sometimes encouraged by thoughtfullness.

My Dad has the laborious task of sifting througn nearly seven decades of accumulated memories. When I talk with him, he'll mention finding a letter or stash of photos he doesn't recall (this man has the mind of a computer) so I believe him when he says he hasn't seen a snapshot of me when I was nine months old, held by my brother, Gary, another brother holding a cat, and another one, staring at the camera, empty-handed. When I visit, I'm overwhelmed- every single letter I ever wrote them has been kept, every photo. too- boxes and boxes! We tackle stuff at random, one day it may be sorting candle stubs from decades of bridge parties and entertaining dinner guests.Another day, we might sort through socks and sandals. It's nice he's able to sort through old memories; I hope they don't overpower him.

Do I have any resolutions for the New Year? Not really- just to continue being mindful of each day's uniqueness and grateful for each day we get to experience, whether it holds wonders (a pretty sunset), small blessings (cups of tea) or aggravations (carpenter ants encountered unexpectantly).

Here are some pictures from the past few months-

These flowers were at an art show my daughter exhibited at in New Paltz.

Dad visited me at the CV Craft show in November.

A blurry picture of a nice memory, celebrating Mom's 94th birthday

A memorable sunset over the valley

Prepaing apple pie for Thanksgiving

Grandma D and grandkids (my 3 on right)

Saw the Canadian Pacific Holiday train enroute to Binghamton!

One of my last photos of my Mom

Joe tkaing a foul shot at Deposit

Getting our tree at Zs Trees

Willowpoint hung some pictures from Mom's room near where she sat in South tower 2, a nice tribute

Portrait of my childhood home done my our neighbor's father in the early 60s

I love this picture of my Dad at his home, watching Sunday afternoon football

Shaun and Rachel


Lisa said...

Oh, Linda. I am so sorry for your loss. I had no idea she had passed. I hope your family has found comfort in the many memories.

Big hug!

Kitty said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. You are so gracious and connected in speaking about it. Moms are just simply irreplaceable. I wish you new visions this year and many opportunities to embrace your memories. Thanks for visiting fetal positions. Kitty