Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rabbit's Home Journal

According to the latest roving rabbit reporter, Mr. MacGregor (aka DDD) has finally been spotted in his veggie patch, bravely encountering mosqitos to get his garden planted. Our camera bunny captured said fellow planting potatoes recently. Keep an eye out for carrots in the east end, fellow munchers!


Lupines recently framed by our border patrol.


Our linespotters surmise the end of modified baseball season. This appears to be the last time uniform # 2 was hung out to dry before being turned in at end of a very successful season. (Our long-earred spies have heard numerous reports of great plays, runs earned and games won- 5&3).


And our roving photographer captured these parting shots of frilly columbines, pretty poppies and delightful iris to satify your soul. However, she will not share her delectable photos of tender young lettuce or tasty strawberry leaves. Her twitching nose seems to indicate a recent picnic in the posey patch.






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