Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seasonal updates (mostly flowers!)

It's been baseball season, but the recent rainy weather has wreaked havoc on our schedule. Looks promising for tonight and Saturday's double header!

Spent much of the Spring working on an anniversary drawing for a neighbor's Silver celebration. Other projects I've been working on lately include a hunting dog illustration, artwork for GreenPrints' eletter editions, a notecard design for a Bed and Breakfast, and a logo for Bruno's Dog House, as well as covered bridge illustrations for my 2012 Farmhouse Greetings calendar (they have been on the back burner, but hope to get back to that soon)! Recently bought a small drawing table for the front porch, where I hope to spend some idle moments just doing some fun stuff (watercolor flower sketches- something that doesn't demand intense concentration).


My daughter's visiting Israel and I hope she's safe and healthy and having a wonderful time. Looking forward to sharing her stories.


Seasonal flowers from my garden and from a recent day trip to Cooperstown.......













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me ann my camera said...

The Purple Pansy photo is a stand out beauty! Recently I found a yard sale treasure for 25 cents. A quilting book called Grandmothers Garden. It wasn't in my plans but I think I will start working on a few of the blocks. the pansy one will be the first. I have the fabric I want to use and am waiting for the correct time to begin. We are unvolved in renovations right now. My house is choas and I have to have a root canal done soon. I have a consultation scheduled with a root canal specialist for tomorrow. What a wonderful gift the anniversary sketch will be. It looks marvellous.And your daughter is in Israel! How marvellous travel is for young people. My son spent a year in south Korea a few years ago He was able to visit many countries in the east before he returned home. All the best and excitement of an enriched life for your daughter!