Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Major Autumn Events

The Major's Inn Quilt show in Gilbertsville, NY, hosts one of the loveliest annual events in the region inspirational, unjuried show that displays quilts of all spectrums of colors, talents and creativity in a truly awesome, old inn that has been lovingly restored to its former grandeur. (The restoration is an ongoing process). I had four items displayed, including my Yo-yo quilt that I titled Baseball Yo-yo Ma, the culmination of this Spring and Summer's attendance at my son's baseball games. I like to keep my hands busy while watching countless hours of plays. I haven't counted how many yo-yos I fashioned into a star-shaped throw. Several of my friends had quilts in the show, too, so it's fun, finding where they are displayed in the inn... like a scavenger hunt. I chanced to see some friends from the small town I live in, and even a high school acquaintance who had brought her husband and mother on their annual Autumn ride into the Butternut Valley. I also love the lunch available each day (Soup, salad and dessert) and browsing the fabric finds for sale in one of the small, upstairs' corner rooms!






This is one of the quilts my friend Marilyn made.


Becky said...

It was a great show. Your yo-yo quilt looks like it belongs in that old hotel room and your picture makes the scene look great. That's a terrific self portrait too!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

The Major's Inn Quilt Show sounds delightful! A very pleasant time out.