Monday, August 4, 2008

August Days

August started out with a Bald Eagle sighting near Bainbridge. It is always spectacular to witness one soaring high overhead; it's nice to share the same river valley as eagles! I'm glad they deem fit to put up with us humans. 

Enjoyed biking with J to Nineveh Country store and back yesterday afternoon.  We got rained on but weren't thoroughly soaked so kept going.The cornfields are in tassel and smell great. Maybe the sweet, damp, earthy smell seemed more pronounced after the rain.

Biking buddy


Hey, wait for me!

Summer Sunday

Today my brother drove down from Camillus for a porch visit.  There weren't many trains this morning; we determined there seems to be more freight traffic on Sundays. Mom and Dad joined us, too.We spend a lot of time on the front porch, and eat most of our meals out there until Autumn's chill drives us back inside.  (Sometimes, mosquitoes force us inside, too.)

Brother GW


Pansy trio



Red and yellow...

Porch flowers


Battered butterfly
I've been trying to declutter my room- dumped my top dresser/junk drawer to sift through the debris that mostly contains snippets of memories for me.  Can't say that I threw much out, but found necklaces I'd forgotten, including a cherished one my brother, Jim, gave me when I was in eighth grade made from a Mercury head dime the Chief of police in Denver, CO, (his room mate's Dad), realized I have enough lipstick to last eight years (I rarely wear the stuff),discovered I have quite a few pocket knives, and found the tooth fairy's stash of lost baby teeth.  (Now tell me, how do you throw them out?)

Dumped junk

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