Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer's Slide into Fall

We've jammed a lot of living into the past couple of weeks, trying to savor Summer as much as possible, although I admit, I look forward to the start of school and getting some unsupervised time to call my own again to work on drawings and unfinished projects. (Whew- that is a fine example of a run-on sentence! Sorry!)


Right now, our blueberries are prolific, and so delicious! We rarely pass the line of bushes without pausing to cram a handful or two into our mouths. The birds seem to have moved on to other outdoor buffets, and have left plenty for us! Speaking of birds, we've heard several flocks of geese honking overhead, "Time to fly South!" they seem to remind one another. Many don't heed the call,however, because huge groups of them cluster around open water and stubbled cornfields all winter long.

So pretty

Circle left

Recently, D and I attended a picture perfect wedding of the daughter of a dear friend on a Saturday afternoon, the following Tuesday, I attended a funeral of the son of my weekly tea pal and we took our daughter to college the Thursday of the same week. In the span of six days we celebrated and honored several major emotional milestones.

Photos by the pond

See Z Big tree

Under cover

Wedding scene

Wedding couple

Full Moon Rising

Bye, Jazz

At last

The Procrastinators

This week we attended our State Fair, my oldest son started a new job, and a few friends and I "did" lunch and visited a few fabric shops.Today, we made another trip downstate to take our daughter a few more things like bike and beanbag chair, books, and a big container of our backyard blueberries.

Sunflowers near New Paltz

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