Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Cat in the Hat Day

Today is definitely a Cat in the Hat Day- too wet to go out and play, so I'm sitting inside, downing a few cups of tea and devouring the Sunday paper.

The warmer temps have melted most of February's snow (more is predicted tonight)! Before the rain got too heavy, I relocated more cat litter from the yard and front border and took a quick walk around the back garden to see if any Spring shoots were emerging. To my surprise, I found a bag of 25 hyacinths that spent most of the Winter beneath the snow in a back corner of my garden! Last Fall, I must've been in a planting frenzy and gotten sidetracked, forgetting all about them! Anyway, I brought the bag inside, opened it and arranged the contents on a dinner plate. They looked like earthy appetizers ready to be served at a troll's garden party. They seemed solid. Some had green sprouts emerging from the tips, but none had much root growth. I only tossed two mushy ones into the trash. Hmm. Decided to try planting them in my porch boxes! Nothing to lose by trying! I cleared out the ragged remains of white pine branches, found my trusty trowel, and planted 23 bulbs among the three boxes! Now it's time to sit back and wait and see what happens!

Hyacinth experiment

Hyacinth experiment

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