Friday, March 11, 2011

Philadelphia Flower Show



Here's some rose photos for you to enjoy from the Phildelphia Flower show! (Ignore the printed dates on the images, need to correct my setting)! I always treat myself to flowers! This year's theme was Paris.








Hmmm... inspired to plant sunflowers around my son's classic car.


This sink was supposed to look like a scene from long ago, but it's just like the one in my kitchen!


How can you resist smiling at these rudbeckias?


And a happy Good Morning to you!


There are almost as many cameras at the flower show as there are flowers!


One of the most striking exhibits- shadows of can lids, strategically placed cutouts and bric-a-brac that created alluring shadows!


Happy feet!


Perhaps I could do this, too! These gals attracted a crowd of onlookers as they painted floral scenes "en plein air"


This photo shows fellow bus passengers riding the escalators to the show's entrance. Over the course of several years, some of these ladies have become welcome faces and friends.


This shows our snowfall earlier this week!


Any weather is perfect for grilling!



After heavy rains, our snow's nearly gone,


..the creek's rising...


and best of all, the snowdrops are visible again!


Lisa said...

So I have to ask, what did you think of the show? I was not as impressed as other years. I really didn't "get" alot of the art and movie references. But it was still a great day, and the first trip I ever took alone with my StepMom. We really bonded and that made it a more memorable day than anything. I just turned over my 24 roses to hang, hoping to dry them for enjoyment the rest of the year. Yours are gorgeous as well.

DeVona said...

Hi, Lisa! We think alike! I'm glad I wasn't the only one to feel that a certain pizzaz was lacking!The show was nice, beautiful flowers as always, but there were no displays that made me stop in awe as in other years. ( Last year there were several- the calla lilies suspended in ice blocks, the cargo containers that you walked through, the live parrots and several displays that were just unique in their presentation-) Thought it was just me, thayt maybe I'm getting used to the dazzling displays. Liked the old car hulk filled with flowers, seeing the painters work,and the botanical illustrations best. It was still worth the trip!

Becky said...

Thanks for a glimpse of the Philadelphia Show. The old car amid the flowers reminds me of the movie Greenfingers, a favorite. The shadows remind me of the French movie The Butterfly, but there the the shadows were of moths and butterflies. If you draw your favorite from the show, showing us a little at a time, I promise we will all watch with pleasure!

Rachel DeVona said...

Ha that sink does look exactly like ours! But then again, our kitchen and whole house does look like a scene from long ago! ...for the most part. My friends like our house for its museum qualities haha.

Your snow came and went crazy fast!