Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring shadows, more flowers, front yard pitches and pictures

Today, more Spring flowers emerged, long afternoon shadows stretched the length of the side yard, sunshine and milder temperatures caused village girls to wear less as they pranced down sidewalks and I drove home from Binghamton with my car windows down and music turned up- rocking, raw, country alt music.

Spring seems to foster hope and new beginnings. A positive oncologist visit with Dad, (not to mention a nurse whispering"Adorable!" as she watched Dad slowly make his way down a long hall) buoyed our spirits. Soup and salad at the bustling Olive Garden filled our tummies. Mom's memorial service remain on target after several phone calls to the funeral home and newspaper. A new GreenPrints' Summer assignment waited for me in my email. My youngest winged baseballs in the front yard, at his new pitch back net. Sproing!





See the busy bee entering the top of the crocus?


Mom,75, '92 photo
This is the photo that will accompany Mom's memorial celebration notice.

mom sketch
This is a drawing I did of Mom, holding one of us, probably my brother Jack or Jim in the 40s in the front yard at Afton.

Marion McKee (Cook) c 1920, Afton,NY
This is Mom, as a toddler holding a ball in the same front yard where she later held the baby from the previous picture (also the same front yard in which my son was pitching a baseball today!)


Becky said...

It's so nice to see your wonderful family so deeply rooted in the same spot. I'm a little jealous of your flowers. We are not quite out from under the snow cover here.

me ann my camera said...

Your spring setting and outlook sounds so uplifting, flowers, robins singing, raking leaves ( that is something that I could be doing instead of sitting inside sewing. we still hsve a snow covered back yaard and crocus sprouts pusing up in the front flower beds. i take my camera for a drive every day looking for returning ducks. I have found a few and delight with each new visit by returning migrants in Bird Alley, this week Song Sparrows, a Red-winged Blackbird and Juncos. Spring feels so good! I always enjoy reading about and viewing pictures of your yard and family.

All the best.
Ann in a further north location;New Brunswick, Canada