Saturday, March 15, 2008

Flour in the News

Boy!  I had sticker shock last time I went to the store and saw the price of flour!  At the Giant which has pretty reasonable overall prices, a small bag cost about $1. 87. I haven't priced flour at our local store yet, but I'm sure it's even higher. Before Christmas you could buy flour on sale for around a dollar a bag. I gave D a 20 pound bag of flour for his  February birthday, more as a joke than for economy's sake, but now I wished I'd purchased several.  

As I understand it, as third world countries become more prosperous, the general population starts desiring more products made from wheat instead of  their traditional foods.  Supplies of wheat are also smaller because more farmland is being used for corn for ethanol production... We may be talking about the "Good ole days" and be referring to last year, instead of a generation ago. 

The ripple effect will be felt as the prices of bread, pizza, cakes, etc. rises. I did make a batch of homemade rolls and cinnamon buns today- trouble is, they go really fast, fresh out of the oven. Some people claim that food made from white flour isn't as good for you- the economy may force us to rethink our eating patterns.  It's hard to change, if you're used to a lifetime of eating one way, but it's not impossible.  I will now get down off my soapbox and return to the drawing board!

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