Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Philadelphia Flower Show

 Made my annual pilgrimage to the Philadelphia Flower Show yesterday.This year's theme was Jazz it up- a tribute to New Orleans. Personally, I think the theme limited the displays because the decorators tended to keep their  colors along the lines of lime greens and shades of purple, and many of the displays looked somewhat glitzy. Of course, many displays tried to give the impression of music, exuberant, decadent,  celebratory... it's downright hard to express music visually. It's something you feel through your other senses. Anyway, the whole experience was fun as always (although I missed the ladies in the big hall, passing out free packets of seeds- another sign of the slowing economy?).  My favorite part of the show was viewing the wall of understated, very controlled, very exquisite botanical illustrations, and seeing the work area of the demonstrating illustrators. I bought another t-shirt to add to my collection, and roses, priced at $9.99 for 25! I'm having fun giving them away- to the diner gang, my folks, and R.

Dutch displayMy favorite part of whole show

Flower show sceneRoom to grow

 After looking at the displays, and people watching, went over to the Reading Terminal Market, what sensory overload!  Every baked good, relish, fish, spice, deli meat and cheese imaginable was on display. Ordered a roast beef hoagie with everything on it, had a bottle of Hank's root beer, and later, an apple dumpling. Chatted a little with some ladies from Delaware.

Baked goods galoreInside the terminal

 Took a bus tour around the city: seems that Philadelphia boasts a lot of firsts-- ie). First hospital,biggest penitentiary, Federal Reserve Bank, First Library, Mint, tons of art museums, yadda, yadda, yadda. I sure would like to see all the incredible murals on the sides of buildings .  Years ago, a minister started MAP- Murals around Philadelphia, in an attempt to cut down on graffiti, and it has proven successful. Lots of public art and statues around the city. Some ladies from Florida commented on how friendly everyone seemed.

Cool!!!!!Cool tarp

When we left the city, the bus passed the shipyards with huge complex looking, solid gray ships,  The Philadelphia Blazers stadium and miles of housing units packed together.  The road was elevated above the roof lines, and in the smoggy, gray haze of evening, I half expected to see Bert and all his gang of chimney sweeps (straight from Mary Poppins)  jumping from roof to roof. All I really saw was the constant flow of traffic, a river of red taillights, stretching away from us and a tide of white headlights surging toward us.  At one point, counted six lanes of traffic, flowing side by side in the same direction. 

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