Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dazzling Day

Looking up

Today dazzled my senses and nourished my soul. I walked around Lily Lake and the delicate, almost cinnamon scent of fragrant pinxter filled the air. I had never seen so many bushes in full bloom, and closer to the ground, wild blueberry blossoms beaded the low growing bushes. Blue skies stretched as far above as I could see, and not a cloud marred the scene. The new spring canopy of leaves overhead softened the sun's brilliance into countless shards of shadow and light.Bumble bees bumbled, chipmunks and squirrels played tree tag, red winged blackbirds chirped, butterflies flitted, frogs croaked, and I even noticed a large, crusty snapping turtle slide into the depths of the pond as I passed by. Countless wildflowers dotted the woodland's floor and the sight of a few pink Lady's Slippers thrilled me. Today, the woods seem teeming with new life and nuances of nature, and I loved being outside to share in the wonder of it all.

Portrait of a Lady

Pinxters everywhere

Pinxter cluster

Blueberry blossoms decorating the bushes like beautiful beads

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