Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Mom and Dad decorated the graves at the cemetery this morning then waited at the park for the speeches at the gazebo. I could hear the band marching up Main Street and we all watched as they paused on the bridge before marching down to the water's edge to play "Near My God to Thee" and another patriotic song before the honor guard fired their guns downriver.The mayor welcomed the community to the park and introduced the Catholic Father who said a brief prayer and blessing before the Gettysburg Address, the honoring of local war dead by the scouts and the poem Flanders Field were presented. The honored speaker, an Air Force reservist who has been called several times to active duty, gave a heartfelt speech emphasizing the many sacrifices of community as well as friends and families when any military personnel are performing their duty. Then we picnicked on the porch and spent the afternoon lounging, enjoying the splendid summer like weather, ever mindful of how privileged we are to live here.

Flags on bridge

Memorial Day '08 in Afton,NY

Flanders field

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