Monday, May 12, 2008

Foxes, frogs and fulfillment

My kids let me snap several pictures of them yesterday since my Mother's Day wish was to get a current picture of them without one of them making a face, or clowning for the camera.  Thanks, guys! 


D and I finally saw the fox kits across the river. I hope Mama Fox teaches them to stay clear of the busy roadway as they get older and more adventurous. Since she has her paws full, we snapped a couple Mother's day pictures for her, too.

Fox kit


Tonight, I cut up some red norland seed potatoes for my dad and I to plant on Thursday.  I walked along our creek bank, casing a place to slip in a few packets of sunflower seeds and discovered a lovely spotted frog snoozing under a rock when I pulled some dandelions.  I carried it to the front porch, laughing and squealing as it wriggled, trying to escape. I showed it to J when he returned from baseball practice, and returned it to its creekside habitat.  It promptly jumped across the creek beyond my reach, but I managed to get a quick snapshot of it. 

Freed frog

Earlier, when I dropped J off at practice, captured (with camera) a small rabbit sampling Spring greens along the roadside.

Baseball Rabbit

Spotted an oriole high overhead this weekend, and D spotted an oriole's nest under construction, also.

Baltimore Oriole

Oriole nest in progress

Apple Blossoms

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