Friday, May 23, 2008

Got Worm?

Got Worm?

The robin family is quickly outgrowing its nest in the holly bush between our front porch and the driveway. A robin always seems to be standing off to the side of our driveway with a worm hanging out of its mouth, waiting for me to go so she can get back to the business off feeding her brood.

This morning another pair of impatient birds dive bombed me repeatedly when I paused in my garden plot outside the rabbit hutch looking for signs of sprouting hollyhocks or recently planted morning glories (nothing yet, but the yellow flowers that John gave me several years ago are filling the space nicely, and I do have some strawberries in blossom). I felt a rush of air inches from the top of my head, and heard a loud flap of wings, followed by raucous warning caws. Two Blue Jays took turns scaring the heck out of me, so I didn't bother to weed anything there.

Jay dive-bombing me

Spring is in full swing in upstate New York. We go outside into a sea of green. Seems like we can't stay ahead of mowing the grass or pulling new weeds. It's a wonderful predicament!

Horses' portrait progress

I've started drawing my twelth illustration for next year's farmhouse calendar. I asked a friendly clerk at the local hardware store if she had any good snapshots of her horses that I could use for reference to draw from and she provided a couple great photos. I'd love to finish my 2009 calendar in time to give a few as gifts to some of R's graduating friends. Speaking of friends, B called to tell me she received her summer issue of GreenPrints yesterday, which means my free copies should be arriving in a couple weeks, followed by a check for two illustrations and eventually a new assignment or two for the Fall issue!

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