Saturday, October 25, 2008

Autumn Ritual

R came home from college this weekend to grab a few essentials for school and Halloween (She'll dress up as Clue's Miss Peacock) We spent a rainy afternoon carving a few of our pumpkins while vegetable beef soup simmered on the wood stove.

R carving Pumpkin

Pumpkin time


I finally notched a few things off my never ending to-do list- turned in all my GreenPrints' assignments and finally tinted the biggest ink drawing I've ever done, now I just have to deliver it. It's almost time to purchase new Dr. Martin's watercolor dyes! I set my makeshift studio up at the dining table.

makeshift studio

Dr. Martins ph watercolor dyes

ready to work

My friend M is an inspiration to whoever she's around. She's a talented artist, quilter, cook, and is a genuine good hearted, and kind person. Her zeal for living is contagious and I like being around her. She invited a few of us who couldn't make it to her one-night, one woman art show to a preview. Lucky us! We also had lunch afterwards and I enjoyed meeting her sister from Florida

M's Show

M's Show

The quilt I made two years ago for Mom is finally hanging on the wall of her living room. It dominates the whole room, but I think Mom enjoys looking at it with fond memories of a very full and busy life. She sent me a keepsake letter, thanking me profusely for it and the love that went into making it.It 's new each time she looks at it. I wasn't sure if some memories would be too painful. (My two oldest brothers have died tragic, untimely deaths. In fact 39 years ago tonight, our happy family life was shattered by the news of one of my brother's death. Twenty years and two weeks later, another one of my brothers also took his life. Time eases the pain, but their memory remains an integral part of who we are.) I think our family has chosen over the years to celebrate life instead of wailing over what we no longer have. It's the only way to cope!

Memory quilt installed finally!

Happy couple

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me ann my camera said...

Your homey family scenes are wonderful as is the atmosphere portrayed. Also I love the art work shown by the showing of your friend, your large work and the family quilt. All are such enriching and beautiful work.