Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkins and Pansies

Planting more daffodils is one of my Autumn rituals and in my search for a bag of inexpensive bulbs I've been browsing the flower bins at KMart, Walmart and Lowes. Bags of bulbs seem hard to come by for some reason this Fall, but I did get a bag of 45 mixed bulbs to keep my tradition alive. (I do plan on going out and digging up some of my existing bulbs to give them more room to grow, just haven't done it yet!) Happily, I chanced upon a great deal on pansies at Lowes, where they seem to be getting rid of their end of season floral inventory. Great deals on mums and pansies! The hardest part is using restraint not to buy up all the flowers! I've purchased a trunk load of pansies for less than $5, and have popped them into pots, porch boxes and my front borders.Don't make the mistake of calling anyone a pansy unless your intention is to refer to their strength, resilience and natural beauty! These perky flowers withstand freezing temperatures and will continue to bloom until Thanksgiving, and then survive the harsh Winter and resume growth in Spring. A win win flower that makes me grin!

potted pansies and pumpkins

Yellow pansy

Orange Pumpkin and Yellow pansies

Pansy trio

J o' lantern

Jumping out o pumpkin

J jumped out of our porch pumpkin yesterday.

Pumpkin snow

This morning we woke to our first dusting of snow.

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