Monday, October 27, 2008

October's Waning

October 2008 is drawing to a close. Leaves in our region are off the trees and have already been raked into piles or bags or left for the winds to distribute. We took R back to New Paltz yesterday and felt like time travellers as we experienced Autumn's dazzling peak colors the further south we dipped. Leaf-peeking traffic on the mountain ground to a halt when a tour bus filled with red Hatters ground out on a tight hairpin turn. Troopers stopped traffic to give a monster tow truck room to winch to bus free, to the applause of many. We had front row seats to the benign mini-drama since we were first in line to be stopped in the line of traffic headed back over the mountain.

Fleeting Foliage

View of the Catskills

Red hat ladies waiting for bus to be towed out of hairp[n turn near New Paltz

Stalled in traffic tie-up

Fall is in full swing at the Town Hall Theater in Bainbridge, NY. On Saturday night, thoroughly enjoyed Cabin Fever, a Bluegrass band from the Adirondack region, a great group with good chemistry and sterling talent.

Town Hall Theater, Bainbridge, NY

Cabin Fever Band

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