Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby, It's COLD Outside!

The porch thermometer read twelve below this morning, and it's warmed to zero now (about 11 AM). Replenished the sunflower seeds for the birds and the feeder is a happening place.

Fly-in food

Window on the world

I just placed an order for 100 mixed glad bulbs, 25 mixed day lilies, 10 hardy, tall, mixed phlox and 25 Mary Washington asparagus.The first 800 number I reached wasn't the garden place and the man gave me the correct number, explaining the catalog showed a misprint. He seemed patient, but I'm sure he's been fielding dozens of calls lately. The woman I ordered from in Virginia Beach had a pleasant, southern accent. I'm sure VA is warmer today than upstate NY! I told her it's a good day to be dreaming of planting season!

I also purchased my first few seed packs at KMart last night, a sure sign that Spring will come! (Burpee seeds- 40% off!) My dream garden will have a mix of sunflowers, hollyhocks (have to wait two years to see them bloom), Heavenly Blue Morning Glories, and lettuce. That's just the start! I haven't had much luck with blue morning glories in the past couple years, but I continue to plant them with great expectations- that's what hope's all about.

Hope packaged

About ten years ago, I had a showy display of Heavenly Blue Morning Glories against an old, rusted gate. My hollyhocks were beautiful, too, especially the apricot colored ones from Jane's garden and the almost black ones given to me by my dear, sweet Uncle Ed. (The 2006 flood destroyed that garden, but it's still blooming in memory) I'll find a great place for the new seeds to grow! Garden dreaming and birdwatching are excellent activities on these cold, beyond cold, days!

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