Saturday, January 24, 2009

Train of Thought

I'm so happy that President Obama is in charge of our nation's destiny now. This thing called HOPE is positively palpable and infectious. It's a joy to hear him speak. 

Before I do anymore drawing (which I'd rather do than a lot of things) I'm going to force myself to enter last year's receipts into a spreadsheet on the computer, so my husband can eventually  do our taxes, etc. But here are a couple things I've been working on.  A friend from the diner gave me the reference photo of the old Erie passenger engine to draw for my 2010 Train calendar, as well as the trestle photo with the Canadian Pacific engines on it. I'll finish the trestle drawing as a reward for getting my receipts logged.

Erie engine

Rte.235 trestle

Our home smells very sweet lately, thanks to the paper whites blooming in the coldest corner of our kitchen. Our cactus lets us daydream of hot, dry dessert climates. We can pretend, anyway. Temperatures reached forty degrees F yesterday, and the outdoors felt positively balmy. It's getting chillier again, but we enjoyed the brief respite.

Fragrant Paperwhites

Aloe aglow

Don't touch

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me ann my camera said...

Beautiful drawings. Two of my brothers were CP railraod engineers, the kind of engineer that drives the train. Your drawings are perfect.