Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thinking of 2010 already!

I know 2009 has barely started, but I have to work ahead since I like to draw calendar pictures. I'm lucky if, I get two done a month, and I'm a bit behind schedule. I have quite a few great train reference photos to work from thanks to a rail fan who frequents the diner I do. So far, I've completed one drawing of a CP train near the old Jennison Plant in Bainbridge, NY. I'm currently working on a sketch of a D&H engine engineered by a friend's nephew. Our good friend, Jack, was also a D&H engineer, so if if do a whole train calendar, I'll do it in honor of Jack.

Finally finished with first drawing for 2010 calendar!

D&H engine drawing in progress


me ann my camera said...

These are lovely sketches. I grew up in a railroad town and two of my brothers became railroad engineers, driving trains and the other was a trainman. Does your mention of CP refer to Canadain Pacific? or is it some American line?

DeVona said...

Thanks! I think I'll do an entire RR calendar this year. Yes, The CP is indeed Canadian Pacific! A double track runs in front of our home between the state highway and the river, and there's alot of activity! I used to wave to the cabooses when I was little, but they stopped running them about 25 years ago.