Saturday, January 17, 2009

Garden Dreams Continued

The cold continues but is starting to lose its tight grip on our region. Stopped by the local variety store this morning and they had new seeds on display, too! (4 packs/$1.00) Bought radishes, cucumbers, spinach, nasturtiums, sunflowers (can't have too many sunflowers), cornflowers,sweet peas and cosmos. I also bought zucchini and zinnias last night at Kmart when looking for thermal pants for J. (Didn't find any in kids' sizes, but drifted past the seeds on my way out, and the 2 Z's yelled at me to grab them on the run). Received a new catalog in the mail from Fredericksburg, TX, called Wildseed Farms. It's very informative and has a nice layout. I look forward to looking through it and daydreaming some more!

Thinking Spring

J had his first basketball game this morning. It was nice that the whole family was there to see his first game ever. The opponents looked huge and won, (they must've been college kids!) but our guys had a good time trying, and they played with heart.

First game


bobbie said...

How big is your garden plot? You really have a nice variety of seeds. I'm still in the dreaming stage. My son says he can build me raised beds. That sounds good to me.

DeVona said...

Hi, Bobbie- I used to have quite a large side yard garden that developed over 25 yyears, but lost it in the 2006 flood.(150 dumptrucks of rocks were carted away, and my loamy soil was replaced with 15 truckloads of clay- not conducive to gardening, but has been great for football and other sports my youngest loves) So now, I'm forced to plant in shadier areas of the backyard, here and there- no real definitive space.We did have some successs with a small plot for potatoes last summer and will probably enlarge it this year. I know I haven't really answered your question as to size. The seeds are an act of hope as much as yeilding results. My husband says I'm more of a planter than a gardener, and I guess he's right! My friend, Becky, is a consummate gardener, if you want to check out her blog.